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La Trobe University Advanced Standing Application

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Once you have submitted the application, you may return to your application to edit your submission and resubmit. However, it is recommended that you include as much detail as possible in your first submission to ensure prompt assessment of your application.

Supporting Documentation

For all Advanced Standing (credit) requests based on studies undertaken at an institution other than La Trobe University, please attach official academic transcripts and detailed subject descriptions for each of the requests.

Enrolment Verification

Students are encouraged to check their contact and enrolment details via StudentOnLine prior to the census date in each teaching period. Census date information can be viewed here. To lodge an appeal regarding the Advanced Standing process, refer to the Credit Policy .

Government Allowance

If you receive Centrelink benefits you are responsible for advising the appropriate government department of any enrolment variations. A change in course load may affect your entitlement.

If you experience any difficulties completing this form please contact ASK La Trobe. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for new student accounts to become active.

Courses designated for entry into first year only

The University will designate courses where there is only admission into Year 1 of the course. In these cases, there is limited advanced standing. See list of limited entry courses.

La Trobe Course

Course Details
Majors, Minors, & Specialisations

If your course has Majors, Minors or Specialisations, it is important that you select the option you wish to study in StudentOnline prior to applying for Advanced Standing.
Failure to complete this may result in your application being rejected or receiving less credit that you are entitled to.

If you are not sure if your course has Majors, Minors or Specialisations please consult the University Handbook.

Previous Courses

Previous Tertiary Courses

What tertiary courses have you studied previously?

Please do not enter industry-based certifications in this step, you will be able to enter those in Step 6.

  1. Courses are referring to the overarching degree that you studied, for example a 'Bachelor of Arts' is a course.
  2. Industry-based certifications refer to any qualifications that are not part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.
  3. DO NOT attempt to add previous La Trobe courses to this list, they will appear here automatically.
    If your La Trobe course does not appear here automatically please contact ASK La Trobe.
Institution NameCourse Name

Previous Subjects

Previous Subjects

For each of the courses listed below, please add the completed subjects for which you would like to seek credit for.

Subjects marked as 'Verified' has been confirmed as valid by the university. If there is an error with any of these subjects, please contact ASK La Trobe.

Existing Precedents

Existing Precedents

Below is a list of subjects that you have completed, each with the equivalent La Trobe subject. Subjects that have not been previously assessed by the University will appear as 'UNSPECIFIED CREDIT'. If the subjects that you would like to receive credit for are not shown, please add the subjects by clicking the 'Request different subject' button.

It is important to understand that your course structure will limit the amount of credit you can receive, and the subjects shown below may not be compatible with your course. You should consult the University Handbook to check what subjects you are required to undertake for your course and select only those. You can request as many subjects as you would like below, however, the University will decide which subjects are compatible with your course after your submission.

* Indicates a subject that you have specifically requested and will need academic approval.

Have you selected all the La Trobe subjects you want?

Please ensure the subject codes in the "La Trobe Code" column are the subjects you want to receive credit for. If there is an UNSPECIFIED CREDIT code listed (e.g. LTU115) this credit can only be used as an elective. If you want credit for a core subject please search the University Handbook for the desired subject and enter it above by clicking the "Request a different La Trobe subject" button.

Industry Experience

Work Experience & Industry-Based Certifications

Have you completed any work experience or industry-based certifications that are relevant to your course?

For work experience you’ll need to provide a personal statement and documentation to verify your employment and duration. Ask your relevant employer/s for a statement of service which must be written on company letterhead. More information on the Work and life experience website. Your work experience must address the subject intended learning outcomes (SILOs) for the La Trobe subject for which you are seeking credit. 
Description Year La Trobe subjects to request



Please check that all relevant documentation has been attached. Failure to provide correct documentation may cause your application to be rejected or delayed.

Type Description Documents



Your Advanced Standing application will now be submitted for assessment.